“After two meditation sessions with Awakening Yoni I felt all the confidence rising within me to start a new business, much more aligned to my heart. I have been running it successfully since then.” – Kimberly, 37, Entrepreneur.

Marjan Althuizen, Founder of Awakening Yoni – Meditations for Leaders, Professionals and Pioneers. To activate higher vision, intelligence & true innovation.

Dear beautiful leader, professional, or pioneer,

Please allow me to reach out to you
My name is Marjan and this is why I founded this organization Awakening Yoni:
I am very passionate about your true growth and innovation
However, I found out that most leaders and professionals fail,
because they are not themselves (Harvard)
They are not authentic

I believe that the world needs you in your magnificence
In your powerful authenticity
Because only together
From our true authentic power
We can co-create a new world
A better one
But how to get there?
It sounds often easier said than done

Marjan Althuizen, Founder of Awakening Yoni – Meditations for Leaders, Professionals and Pioneers. To activate higher vision, intelligence & true innovation.

You may feel ready to innovate
Driven to co-create a new, better world,
Ready for the next big step..
But, it’s just not happening
Because life and work can be hard and stressfull
You may feel scared, scared to go to the next level
A higher intelligence, heart and hara intelligence

Even though you seem very succesfull from the outside
You just don’t feel deeply fulfilled from within
You may not feel completely happy..
You are not fully gifting the world your natural talents yet

You just wish you were at the next level
The level where you will find more fulfillment, peace and joy
A higher dimension with more balance

That’s where my loving training and meditation sessions come in
Because you just don’t know how to get to this next level..
A level most people never get to
Because most of you do feel stuck


A Scientific & Spiritual Background about my Meditations & Training
My name is Marjan, founder of Awakening Yoni, and I made a program for you to help you as a leader, professional, or pioneer to step out of the old world and help you to enter the new era. To help you work through your perceived limitations, fears, status quo, stress, anxiety, sleepproblems, dissatisfaction, unfulfillment, and/ or unhappiness by transcending your ego and connecting you to your presence and authentic self: your loving, true power. You are much bigger than you can imagine. Consequently, you can grow and innovate yourself and your organization into your life’s mission with much more true success and deeper fulfillment. As a result, you will co-create the new world, a better one.
It’s the ego where the above mentioned lower level vibrational states mainly come from and in my program, you will learn to transcent your ego. This is one of the most valuable benefits for leaders because it helps you to see things more objectively and it helps you to form deeper relationships, as Matthias Birk wrote in Harvard Business Review (2019), which will lead to deeper fulfillment and more success. He meditated with hundreds of executives and found that one of the main things that stands in the way of a leader’s true succes and the success of their company, is their ego. Or as Goffee and Jones (2005, HBR) put it: many leaders fail, because they are not themselves. People want te be led by someone “real”, so failure rises when you try to lead like someone else (ibid.), thus operating from your ego will make you most likely fail because people want to be led by authenticity.

Low level vibes described as above mainly come from leading your life and projects from a dominant ego instead of from being mostly present in your authenticity. Your ego is very biased by your (dormant subconscious) trauma, inner child wounds, and limited perceptions of life. From a dominant ego it’s hard to work from a place of innovation that is truly best for you, your organization and the planet. Let alone, to implement such true innovation. Without (implementing) innovation you are headed to irrelevance and the only way to enhance innovation, is to make it part of everything that you do, for everyone, throughout your entire organization (Mehta, 2019, Forbes) . So you will have to work on your innovative capacity on a subconscious level, to engrain it into your (brain and nervous) system, something I do during my meditations.
Because I am specialized in re-connecting you to your authentic self, a state where you can access higher visions and ideas, you can access and implement true innovation much better. With my meditation program you can align to your innovate nature, innovate your work and projects into higher alignment, and grow yourself and your business into a much higher version with deeper fulfillment, more love and more balance. Organizational scholar Scharmer (2009), connected to MIT Leadership Institute calls this: getting access the the emerging future possiblitities by presencing yourself into authenticity.


Why “AwakeningYoni” is about growth and innovation for leaders, professionals & pioneers?
Awakening yoni fits the fields of true growth and innovation so beautifully. It’s the yoni power in the world, in nearly everyone, in professionals, leaders, and pioneers that has been supressed for throusands of years. Yoni means the most authentic origin, “whomb” (Lochtefeld, 2001), or “source” (Grimes, 1996, p. 361). A gateway and birth of all new (innovative) ideas (Jones et al 2007). The place where feminine regenerative powers (Meriam Webster) in nature of existence are present (Lochtefeld, James G, 2001). Regenerative means something will be growing or will be grown again (Cambridge dictionary), and this happens always with the power of yoni, that’s nature.