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Heart Consciousness

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My name is Marjan, founder of Awakening Yoni and I am here to offer you my soothing transformational meditations with high vibrational vocals. These meditations have been carefully created especially for leaders, professionals and pioneers like you to thrive.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I felt all the confidence rising within me to start my succesfull new business, much more aligned with my heart. ❤️ After just two meditation sessions with soothing vocals of Awakening Yoni.” – Kimberly, 37, Entrepreneur. Reviews


Your Desire to Be at the Next Level

When you are not working and living from your authentic self, from your life’s mission, you are wasting your time. You are also wasting time of others and limiting your work results. Playing from your ego will block all the results you crave deep down from within.

If you crave true innovation, vision, and higher intelligence, I’m here for you! By activating your authentic self and embrace heart consciousness, together, we’ll co-create an innovative new world. 🌍

The world needs your magnificence and powerful authenticity. Join me in unleashing our true authentic power to build a better world with better organizations. Start your transformation now and flourish with my meditations with high vibrational vocal sounds! 🌱




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